11 - 13 September 2017 | London, UK

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Cell And Gene Manufacturing UK Heatmap

In response to the region’s strengthening presence with the therapeutic method, Pharma IQ presents this Cell and Gene Manufacturing hotspot... Read More

Making Medicines of The Future

In this case study, Pharma IQ gains insight from Oxford BioMedica - a pioneer in the development of gene therapies for 20 years, focused mainly on lentiviral vectors. The ebook evaluates manufacturing trends, preparing for the commercial phases of gene therapies, combating extractables and leachables and scaling... Read More

Cell and Gene Therapy Europe Heatmap

Over the last 12 months, the cell and gene therapy manufacturing sphere has matured vastly with more companies advancing to commercial products, especially with allogenic therapies. Now that the theory behind the therapy is catching up with the technology, the two can come together to progress towards producing commercial products. Last year... Read More

Producing Off-The-Shelf Cell and Gene Products

The rise of personalised medicines has led to the focus on small scale manufacture with a key challenge being that lots of the same element will run through a facility at once. Randomised trials with complex gene therapies- which target a small number of patients often in regards to orphan diseases can encounter various manufacturing hurdles.... Read More

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Cell & Gene Manufacturing: Emerging Trends

Pharma IQ spoke to Dr Ryan Guest, Director of Cell Production from cell therapy manufacturer Cellular Therapeutics to explore the raft of emerging trends connected to cell and gene... Read More

Stem Cells: The Big Void of Toxicological Testing?

In this interview Pharma IQ speak to James Sherley to find out what have been the major advancements in using stem cells for toxicology testing and the current challenges that need to be overcome in using stem cells for toxicology. In this interview you will also find out what are going to be the trends in using stem cells for toxicology over the... Read More

INFOGRAPHIC: Global biomanufacturing activity & spend

Pharma IQ has created an easy-to-digest overview of biomanufacturing activity and spend around the world, whether they are already being implemented or have plans in the near future. You’ll be able to keep it as a handy reference, share it around your colleagues or even stick it on your... Read More

Scale-Up and Manufacturing of Regenerative Medicine

When introducing a regenerative medicine cell based product to a commercial setting, there are a number of things to take into consideration to ensure a commercially viable and safe product for patient use. In this Q&A interview, William Fodor, Director of Translational Sciences, Cell Therapy Group, gives some great insights into the... Read More

Best Practice Guide Automation, Scale up & Scale Out

One key point of focus for the market is not only the move towards scaling up - manufacturing bigger batches of product- but also scaling out - manufacturing more batches. In response, to this Pharma IQ spoke to Elena Meurer of apceth GmbH & Co.KG to compile this best practise guide automation scale up –and scale out for cell and gene... Read More