13 - 15 November, 2018 | Hilton London Kensington, London, United Kingdom

Pre Conference Workshop Day

9:30 am - 10:00 am Welcome Registration and Coffee

10:00 am - 12:30 pm Managing the Move Towards Commercialisation of Cell and Gene Therapies

With Cell and Gene Therapies transforming treatment options for patients with a variety of rare and chronic conditions, now is the time to ensure that your development and commercialization strategy will pave the way for the transition to commercialisation and market demand. This workshop is designed to pressure test your development strategy and build a comprehensive understanding of internal and external factors that should be considered in your developmental pathway.
Attend this workshop to:
  • Analyse the critical success factors and quality attributes when generating GMP ready Cell and Gene Therapy products
  • Mitigate against common pitfalls and challenges in your manufacturing strategy
  • Plan for success by developing a robust ‘manufacture to market’ roadmap that considers internal and external pressures on development
  • Discuss the best way to approach cost efficiency for production – and how you can maximise your return on investment 

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Considering the Payer’s Perspective on Cell and Gene Therapy Developments

With the ever increasing market move towards commercialisation of innovative cell and gene based therapies for patient treatment, it is important to consider the realities of treatment reimbursement and how to position yourself for payer approval in such a high cost environment. When looking towards payer approval, Real World Data has become an integral part of payers evaluations and reimbursement structures. This workshop will look at the role of the payer in supporting CGT industry growth, and a variety of different ways to value innovation and real world efficacy in the pharmaceutical industry.
Attend this workshop to:
  • Gain an in-depth overview of global healthcare payer landscape & medicines
  • Develop a framework for valuing innovation in the pharmaceutical industry – how will we really pay for our health?
  • Plan for a successful market roll-out the reality of Real World Evidence in the Cell and Gene space – how can you make the most of your data to support a payer application?
  • Analyse a variety of reimbursement models and their applicability to the CGT industry before deep diving into the possible framework of outcomes based pricing

4:00 pm - 4:15 pm Close of Pre-Conference Workshop Day